I was tasked to create a fun idea for a music video for the track Blush by Alex Edwin. After Alex and I decided on pastel-esk colour scheme, I knew it had to be a fruit loop inspired piece set in a bowl of cereal!

Originally I was going to create a milk simulation to create surface tension around the individual cereal letters, but with the deadline and the time it would take to actively simulate that on top of animating them in and out of shot I decided against it. But a work around, the milk mesh I curved up on the edge of the bowl and I also created a mesh to go round the letters to mimic surface tension as it climbed the edge of the letters. On top of that I hand animated the letters to drift apart and spin in the body of water.. Milk*.

A lot of this was created in parts and composed in After Effects to allow me to cut render time, masking areas that overlapped and easing into the next shot fluidly without effecting the camera panning effect.